Find answers to the most Frequently Asked Questions

What is GameOfChat?

GameOfChat is a web and mobile app where you meet new people through video chat. Based on our algorithm we use your location, your preferences, and your interests to match you in a much better way than any random video chat alternatives. We make it easy for you to meet exciting new people. Saving you time and energy while keeping it fun and effective.

How do you get matched?

You are always getting matched with the best available user based on our algorithm. The 3 main variables used in the algorithm are your preferences, what you have in common, and the distance between both users! It seems simple, but it is quite hard to achieve in real time and it's why we are the only one doing it!

How do I select my interests?

Before every video chat, we ask 2 fun questions which help the matching process. Those answers will be your interests which are matched to other user's interests. Those are also great conversation starter as we display them directly on your video chat. We are planning to add custom interests and facebook interests in the near future plus a setting to be able to edit them.

Can you add friends?

Yes, of course you can add friends, that is the purpose of the app! If you like someone, send them a friend request as you video chat. They will be able to accept your friend request even after the conversation is finished, don't lose hope. When they accept, you will be able to communicate with that user in the chat section of the app. Stay in touch without having to give away your email or facebook or real name. Private Friends within the app are the best way to build real relationships.

Can I select who I talk to?

You can talk with your friends at any time, but you can not select who you are getting matched with during the 'Game Of Chat'. Having to match both sides together, you need to find a middle ground where users meet in the middle. Sometimes one person does not want to be matched with you even if you love them. This is why we use the algorithm to match our users in the best possible way. If your match is not what you were looking for, you can simply try again and within seconds you will be connected to someone new. That way, you can stumble upon someone exciting you would have otherwise not have talked to.

Do I need facebook to log in?

As of right now, you need Facebook to login. We do not post anything on Facebook, we are only using facebook for an easier and safer registration process. Being a startup, we use our resources towards making the app better and uses services like this to make things easier. Again, we won't post anything and your friends won't even know you are using our product.

Do you share my location?

We incorporate your location into the algorithm, but it is not shown anywhere in the app. We calculate the distance between users and use that information to match you with people that are closer to you. Don't forget, other factors influence the score of users and they might still match with you even if they are far away from your location. In any case, you will never know where the other user is located, neither will they.

How much does it cost?

It is totally free to use and enjoy. You will always be able to meet other people and make new friends for free on Game Of Chat. We are trying to provide you with the best value for your time and we only ask for your support in return. In the future, we might add some special features and ads, but it will always remind free to use the platform and our services.

What about privacy?

The best thing about GameOfChat is that you don't have to worry about privacy! We have no profiles, no searching, no names or personal information. Only your screen name and common interests are displayed with the other users. Video is the way to go.