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We believe in a world that is real and authentic. A place where you can find love easily. Where you meet new people within seconds, REAL people not profiles.

A fast way to make new friends who share common interests. Open your horizons, connect with the world and experience what you have been missing.

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We work hard to provide you with the best experience.

If something is missing, just let us know. If you have a great idea, just let us know. We will try to meet all your possible needs and bring you the best video chat in the world.

You will meet exciting new people by video chat based on your preferences, interests, and location. Chat, flirt, make new friends, fall in love... and stay in touch privately within the app. You create your own experience every single time!

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Common interests

Common Interests

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Everything is made for you to enjoy the moment

If you want to meet somebody new or if you want to keep up with your new connections, GameOfChat is the perfect way to video chat and

Make new friends
Save time and energy
“It's the best way to meet new people and make real friends.”
Philippe Boucher, Founder.

The best possible way to match you, using our algorithm.

Matching markets are complicated, we need both sides to want each other for it to work. We thus created an algorithm that matches you in the best possible way by video chat. No more random people who have nothing in common. It's not perfect, but it's much better and the great thing is that the more you play, the better the results.

Why it's better:
  • Use your common interests as 'Ice Breakers'
  • Connect on simple, fun, or complex subjects
  • People will be happy to match with you
  • Quality is more important than quantity








So many good reasons...

You have so many good reasons to try and join GameOfChat, the best video chat:
  • Tailored to you(Personalized)
  • Real People, Real Matches
  • Unpredictable & Efficient
  • Fast, Fun, FREE...
At this point, you would be crazy not to try it.
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